About our Logo

  • The Logo is a subtle form of a key which represents a symbol of problem solving.

  • The simplicity of the logo allows it to be easily recognized, versatile and memorable. A good logo features something unique without being overdrawn.

  • The logo also has a straight line that is crossing through the logo that goes directly towards the word "LAWFIRM". This symbolizes accuracy, on precise target.
  • The black and white colors are used in the logo to show professionalism, boldness and to represent the colors of the papers and documents.

  • The other corporate colors are navy blue and gold. These colors are the symbol of luck, greatness, friendliness, comfort, and good fortune.

Wide Range of Services
With Effective Solutions

JIFO Law Firm is an Indonesian corporate and commercial law firm, comprising of industry experts offering a wide range of services with effective and comprehensive solutions.

A distinguished attribute to the firm is its dedication to providing a value-adding, solution- oriented service to its clients.

Our success is based on our unprecedented accumulated experiences in dealing with legal issues, negotiation, arbitration and litigation, all available to our customers to answer all inquiries and provide high-quality services in order to meet our client's best interests and building strong and sustainable long-term relationships.

Our Vision

To become Indonesia's
top leading trusted
Law Firm.

We aim to always create an active presence in the global business world through our higest quality of service, trustworthiness and problem-solving expertise towards our domestic and international clients.

Our Mission

To provide strong analytical
thinking, strategic planning
and effective solutions.

Our missions is to provide dynamic, compherensive and thorough business service while calibrating ourselves as a problem solver for all our domestic and international alliances. We believe our working team of lawyers and consultans have a rich understanding of worldwide jurisdictions, especially of Indonesia's unique culture on legal aspects and business process.

Core Values

Our success is rooted in our core values
These values form the foundation principles that define our daily life as a law firm to our clients and as individuals

Trust & Integrity

To be honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions and to be accountable for the actions, successes and failures.

Intellectual Rigor

To be meticulous in the attention to detail. To extract larger meaning from data and information to support objective evaluation, decision making and innovation.


To relentlessy deliver outstanding results in everything by providing world-class services.


To fully understand and be invested in our clients requirements, challenges, objectives and goals and to maximize the value of our services to our clients including safeguarding the security and confidentiality of their information.


To seek, share and respect diverse perspective and to function as a team with our colleagues, clients and third-party providers. To openly communicate all relevant information consistently and constructively.